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Let the wish of “Bless Your Heart” become reality…

Atakent Health Group Cardiovascular Surgery Center has a rich history of providing the highest level of care by combining traditional procedures with the latest advances in medicine and surgery to customize the treatment for even the most challenging cardiovascular conditions.

Coronary angiography covers the process from determining whether there is a critical stenosis in the patient, choosing and applying the treatment method to be applied. Our hospitals expert staff and strong technological infrastructure are ready to perform the treatment required for the continuity of your heart health and a long life with your loved ones.



Coronary Angio

Cerebral Angio

Carotid Artery Angio

Pulmonary Angio

Renal Angio

Peripheral Angio

Permanent / Temporary Cardiac Pacemaker


Ballon /Stent Placement


Medical Team:
Surgeons at the Cardiovascular Surgery Center specialize in multi-procedure open heart surgery (multi-valve, valve and coronary bypass, etc.) and hybrid procedures, such as coronary stenting (PCI) with valve surgery, and mechanical assist device procedures. Our team provides expertise in treating the elderly, those with advanced heart failure, and those who require multiple procedures or reoperation.