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Thank you for choosing Atakent Health Group. We hope your stay with us will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

We want your hospital admission to run smoothly, so before your planned admission date please call  (+90) 549 501 00 08 (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday)

To complete your registration you will need:

  • Personal details, next of kin, emergency contact details and your email address
  • Private health fund insurance or work cover
  • Self-funding (please call the hospital for an estimate of costs)
  • If you have private health insurance, please contact your health fund to make sure you are fully covered for your admission.

How Do I Obtain Services From Atakent Hospital?

1st Step: Contact us

Contact your personal coordinator at our hospital.

(+90) 549 501 00 08

2nd Step: Forward Your Medical History

We have a professional team ready to respond to the needs of and find solutions for all the health issues of our international patients.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we will need all the data you have received from your doctor, the details of your diagnosis, recent test or scan results, as well as any pathology or imaging results.  When contacting us for the first time, we ask that you provide us with as much medical data as possible. Our team will carefully review your medical records while you are in correspondence with your personal coordinator at our hospital.


Having this information available will allow us to provide you with service as soon as possible.

3rd Step: Review Your Financial Situation

We aim to offer health care services to suit your needs.
Based on your medical profile, we will prepare an estimate of the cost of medical services. At the same time, we will offer you several packages according to your requests.
An estimate of costs will be provided prior to any examination or the commencement of any treatment at our hospital.

Account Info

Account Info: Özel Yalova Merkez Sağlık Hizmetleri San ve Tic. A.Ş.

  • İzmit
  • Account Number: 0066-0450599
  • IBAN: TR92 00046 000668 8800 0450 599
  • İzmit
  • Account Number: 0066- 0221387
  • IBAN: TR700 00460 006 6001 0002 21387
  • İzmit
  • Acoount Number: 0066-0256322
  • IBAN: TR3000 0460 0066 0360 0025 6322

4th Step: Appointment Planning

Once you have decided to receive service from our hospital, we will help you coordinate your journey and make your first appointments.
Where necessary, your coordinator will help you to apply for a visa for entry to Turkey. Our hospital will provide you with an Official Visa Letter to be submitted to the Embassy. You can obtain assistance with flight tickets, transfers and accommodation.

Services at Atakent Health Group

  • Interpreting Service

Our liaison officers can help provide culturally appropriate support services.

This service includes help with all of the following:

  • İnterpreting
  • Help with passport and visa application procedures
  • Help with preliminary medical examination
  • Help with Payment Process
  • Transportation
  • Accomodation

You can contact us on

Admission checklist

Every time you come to hospital for a test, day procedure, surgery or treatment, you should bring:

Any letter(s) from your doctor relating to your procedure.

Any appropriate x-rays, scans, ultrasounds, medical reports and any other test results you have which are related to your procedure,

Adverse drug alert card (if you have one)

Medications you are currently taking, including any that you have bought without a prescription

Aids (glasses, hearing aid, walking frame)

All medications that you are currently taking (in their original packaging) and all prescriptions.

Your Medicare card, pension cards and safety net cards.

Your health fund details

Your credit card or other means of payment.

If you are having surgery, please bring with your comfortable and appropriate clothing.

Contracted Insurance Institutions

Hotels, Motels & Apartments

Do you need to stay at a hotel, motel or apartment while a loved one is in hospital or you are receiving treatment?

There are many hotels and motels around the Atakent Health Group Hospitals in Yalova, Kocaeli, Gemlik and Orhangazi.

Some hotels, motels and apartments offer a discounted rate to people coming to hospital. When making your accommodation booking, tell them you are coming, or are with some one who is coming the Atakent Health Group.

Prices and facilities are subject to change and are seasonal.